June 10, 2009

100 Monkeys in NYC Fan Report

Now This Is a Great Birthday Present!

Valerie hit up the 100 Monkey's show in NYC and here is what she had to say:
I hit up the 100 Monkeys all ages show in NYC with my friends and also my 11 year old cousin Anika, who is largely responsible for my love of Twilight. I went not knowing what to expect of the band's live performance and was completely blown away. They were fun, energetic and fast paced, and made you wanna dance all night. All the members are extremely talented.

After the show had ended the band eventually came out to meet everyone. They were all such sweethearts! Anika had fractured her leg three weeks earlier and still had her big bulky walking cast on and it was her dream to have Jackson sign it. When it was her turn to see him, in a quiet voice, all shy like, she asked if he would sign her cast. He looked down and smiled, and responsed "Of course!" and instantly dropped to the floor to write "B Well. Love Jackson" on her leg. She got her picture and then pratically ran away because she couldn't believe she got her wish!

Later on I was able to bring her back over to Jackson while my friends and I were talking to him about his views on music, cupcakes, meat, brooklyn and more. Jackson was also kind enough to record a quick video saying happy birthday to a friend of mine who couldn't make it to the show. He's such a southern gentleman, and a very chill, down to earth guy. He interacts well with fans of all ages, and constantly had a smile on his face.
See all of Valerie's 100 Monkeys pics here, and watch her videos at YouTube.

Also, this cupcake song video is great:


  1. I love that you posted my picture of my cousin with Jackson. You can really see in her face how estatic she is!


  2. Too funny!! It looks like total mayhem on stage- everyone doing their own thing- having a blast!! That's great!! Happy for Anika- such a cute pic with her and Jackson!!


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