May 5, 2009

WhatTheForks?! Meets Sam Bradley, Mike Welch, and TwiCrack!

The lovely gals from WhatTheForks?! were in Vancouver, and Yoshi has blogged about her Top 5 Moments from their recent WTFancouver adventure, including meeting Sam Bradley, Mike Welch, and TwiCRACK! LMAO.

Look! It's me -- TwiCrack!

Read about Yoshi & Misslawn's adventures at WhatTheForks. Thanks for the shout-out, ladies. I think. ;-)


  1. Wow! You could park your bike in that! ha ha

  2. YAY!!! hahahhaha we have another twicrack moment at the paramount! shall post soon!!!

  3. omg lmao so effin funny


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