May 5, 2009

First Volturi in Vancouver Photos + Dakota's First Filming Scenes

See them all at Lainey Gossip! Also, Lainey dishes on potential scenes being filmed today:
Anyway, Dakota is tentatively supposed to start shooting today schedule permitting. What’s up this week? Green screen work that involves driving around in a Porsche. And the cliff diving scene. Bella wants to jump, Edward the apparition asks her not to.

Then Edward takes a phone call, gets very upset and the phone disintegrates in his hand.

And then Edward, Bella, Alice are escorted by some vampires (including Dakota Fanning) through the underground passage to meet with the others.

Also shooting the scene when they leave and Heidi brings in the victims.
Read it all at Lainey.

Jamie is so happy!


  1. this is so cool!!! first you read the tweets and next you see the photos...while sitting in your sofa accross the world *lol* thank god for internet...and TwiCrack...and twitter...and, and... *laol*

  2. wth? were does lainey get such information? it is exactly like in this "newmoon leak script" ..with the phone desintegration and all. this is so means the script is indeed the real one.

  3. As scruffy as Michael Sheen looks, I have a soft spot for men in three piece suits ;)

  4. Or maybe Lainey read the fake script??

    Ok, I held my tongue when I wanted to shout NOOOOO to having 'Edward the apparition' rather than just his voice. Although I can't believe I'm going to say this (am I??) b/c the apparition = more Rob which is a GOOD THING . . . I still kind of wanted 'just' his voice.

    So, now - - with the apparition getting a phone call - - is that supposed to simulate the minute Edward gets a phone call from Alice telling him about seeing Bella jumping off the cliff??

    Because, ummm, helloooo - - - 'apparition/voice' Edward ISN'T REAL.
    So, why would they have Bella 'seeing' what Edward's ACTUALLY DOING????

    I'm still pissed that they've ruined my favorite Jake line in the book ("It's the other one, isn't it?") by reducing it to something like, "It's him, isn't it, I can tell." (we saw this on ET footage.

    Now, this?

    I still can't wait, but must admit to tending toward 'disapponted' at least in these tidbits.

    Still - - will November PLEASE HURRY??!

  5. Lainey knows an awful lot for someone so clearly out of the loop.

    But just incase, SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!


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