May 1, 2009

Vancity Allie's Paramount Theater Photos & Details about the 2 Scenes Filmed

Vancity Allie has the most amazing photos of KStew, Taylor, Mike & Anna filming at the Paramount theater last night. Definitely go check them out!
@amyburrows and I had a great night out at the new theatre set for Twilight’s New Moon in Vancouver. They are filming all the exterior shots at this theatre. Again, two scenes happen here… one where Bella and Jessica go to Port Angeles for a movie, and a second scene where Bella, Mike, and Jacob have that awkward movie date with that scary movie, “The Dead Come Back.”


  1. My heart speeds up when ever I see Taylor in is Jacob get up.
    *thump thump thump*
    I still can't figure out why they have him running?

  2. Did Kristen borrow Rob's Nikes? :)


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