May 15, 2009

Today is RPattz's Last Day on New Moon Set -- Filming Grandma Dream Scene!

Lainey Gossip Reports:
Today is Pattinson’s final day on the set of New Moon barring any crazy cataclysmic setback. They’ve had to postpone these scenes due to weather, now must rush him through the shoot to get him out on schedule. It’s supposed to be a beautiful day in Vancouver today. Which is perfect because – get ready for it Twi-hards – today they are shooting in the Meadow.

It’s a dreamy sequence. In the Meadow, Bella sees herself get old, looks like her grandma. And Edward wishes grandma happy birthday. Then they’re young together and lying in the field and looking at each other and it’s pretty.


  1. didn't that happen in the beginning of eclipse?

  2. Nope, New moon :] but she was in front of a mirror inside if I recall.

  3. Everything that Lainey say's goes along with the script that leaked... I was really hoping that it was fake because the ending was SO bad. Ugh :(

  4. it happened in the beginning of New Moon. Then Alice insisted on her having a b'day party at the Cullens anyway. Then everything went down from there. So yes, she did see her Gran and she was trying to introduce Edward to her Gran. But then she realized it actually was her and probably woke up from her dream.

  5. Even if for the most part its following that script remember that it was written in December, and there are scenes that are missing that we know they have filmed. A lot could have changed from then. Lainey also mentioned before a proposal..i think so that would be different too.

  6. Can you guys please not mention stuff about the script for those of us who haven't read it???

  7. I wonder who's going to be playing granny. :P

  8. I wish Lainey would just shut up about the script, she's spoiling everything. Actually I wish Lainey and people like her did not exist. How about sending her for a snack to the Volturi? But maybe she tastes just as bad as her comments and even they wouldn't want her. Yuck.

  9. Gosh, harsh you guys! Script? What script?

  10. Totally agree with you Sophie.

  11. I actually have a question about the ending of the leaked script - - - but for anyone who answers it, would you mind saying something like "SCRIPT SPOILER AHEAD" so that people who don't want to read it, don't? Thank you!

    I actually haven't read the leaked script myself, and don't want to, so THIS is the only thing I want to know (ha ha) and really, I'd love to get only a 'yes' or 'no' - - mostly I'm asking b/c of one of the Nikki Reed interviews posted on May 14 of 15 on this site where she says 'None of the Cullen siblings are in the scenes in Italy' or something like that.

    That made me go, "WHAAAATT?"

    I mean, ALICE!

    So, is Alice in the script in Italy? Yes/No

    ha ha, thank you!

  12. OF corse Alice will be IN italy, ashley grenne herself mentioned so many times about the yellow porshe and flying to italy!

  13. What do you mean 'of course?'
    Nikki said "None of the Cullen siblings are in Italy" or something like that, so I was clarifying which one it was.

    As evidenced by this thread, someone who's read the leaked script says 'the ending was SO bad,' so who knows what changes have been made.

    I'm asking the question to those who KNOW (b/c they've read the leaked script) not those who ASSUME.

    Your tone is unnecessary, Anon.

  14. Really did my tone come across unfriendly?
    Sorry, I didnt mean it to cause i was actually excited when i was writing the comment lol. Excited because my comment confirms alice will be in italy!

    And that wasnt an assumption,.
    I may not have read the leaked script but I have listened to interviews where ashley greene confirms she is filming the italy scene and how excited her role as alice gets bigger.


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