May 12, 2009

Taylor & Selena Hanging Out Again in Vancity Yesterday

Lainey Gossip shares details about how Selena & Taylor spent their time off together yesterday. Here's an excerpt of what Lainey shared [redacted to get to the bare bones details...]:
First they went out for lunch at Villa del Lupo with Selena’s co-star Hutch Dano...

After lunch, Selena and Taylor went for a walk, picked up some groceries, enjoyed some down time...

And then at night – it’s the cutest! – they had dinner at the Spaghetti Factory …with their families! All together!
It's nice that they're such good friends!


  1. It's wrong...I know...but goodness he's so handsome.

  2. uh huh!I knew that was why he was jumpin over fire hydrante, hes in love!
    They are the cutest thing ever! Oh, to be young and in love and famous! What a life!!

  3. Don't forget rich and beautiful!

  4. I think they are sooooo cute together!!

  5. It is sooooo wrong, but I seriously could spend some quality time admiring that little swoop in the front of his hair. I am not mad at you, Selena. Get your man, Girl! LOL.

  6. I'm with you Pinky. That's one hot swoop.

  7. Hahaha. The pictures are too cute. Good for you Selena. (:


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