May 9, 2009

Somebody Lives at Jacob's House

MaliciousMandy's co-worker used to *live* in Jacob's house - before it was Jacob's house. Mandy writes:
Today at work a co-worker told me she used to live at "Jacob's House." Her ex still lives there - but they split.

She told me how a lady came by in February to view the house and kept saying how "perfect" it was for the "Untitled Sports Movie" they were planning to film in town. She said she kept thinking "why would a sports movie need a dump-of-a-house like this?"
Wow, I wonder if this poor guy had any idea what he was getting into when he signed his house on to be part of this particular Untitled Sports Movie! See more pics at Mandy's LJ, and if you reuse her pics, please credit her blog.

Also, my bloggy friend Pillowbiters, where I learned of Mandy's update, is having a cool contest where you can win a free Vampirization! Learn more by clicking on pic below.


  1. Coooool!
    I bet they paid him BIG time for the usage! :) Enough to fix it up a bit.
    I do however think he should leave it red.

  2. I'm pretty sure he definitely got a pretty penny for that!! I forget where I read it but I think they spent a lot of money to fix up a house in Arizona for Twilight and Renee's house was only shown a few times.


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