May 20, 2009

Shooting New Moon Landscape & Streets Today in Montepulciano

Alessandra from Twilighters Italia share new pics and updates from Montepulciano:
WE know that an helicopter is flying all over the city from this morning and the municipality published the list of the streets that will be closed off for the shooting.

According to what is written there today they're shooting landscapes and streets. The same goes for tomorrow and the day after. It's said that the actors will not be in Montepulciano and their arrival would be guarded by police.
Read more at Twilighters Italia. Thanks, Ale!

P.S. I have never, ever been to Italy, and these sun-drenched photos are making me really want to go. Not to Montepulciano -- I'd love to go to the Amalfi Coast. Make my dream come true, Mr. TCA!!! :-)

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  1. I know TCA. Im from Sicillian Id love to visit there. I still have distant relatives that live there somewhere, according to my nana.


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