May 19, 2009

RPattz on Le Grand Journal

Watch Parts 2 (Rob shows starting around 8:00) and 3 here. Thanks to RobPattzNews.


  1. Wow...he is just...beautiful. I can't wait til November!

  2. he looks so lost and confused. He is so cute!

  3. Hello,

    Here is a (bad) translation of the broadcast(emission,issue)"Le grand Journal".

    Saddened for my English me often slept during this course(price)...
    = > Michel Denisot speaks first of all has Rob (Londoner) of football, the presence of Cantano on the tray(plateau) explains at once this question. He is a fan of Arsenal. And then it is true that the football is one of all the same sports if it is not English sport.

    = > Ariane reviews the "packs" of fans. And ask as he(it) manages to manage that?
    He(It) does not pay it attention: " it is necessary to cut everything ", " It is necessary to make the impasse(dead end) above ", " it is necessary to focus on the other thing(matter). "

    = > presentation(display) of the poster of New Moon, and yes excluded TV for the big newspaper because the poster was presented today.

    = > towards New Moon.
    " He(it) stays in me 4 jours still in Italy ".
    " I can reassure the fans, I am present, not as long as that, but finally if I return in the form of ghost. "

    = > he indeed speaks on also about Twilight.
    " I am amazed more and more by the phenomenon " " it was a small film on the base "

    = > he speaks about his coming to Bets during the exit(release) of Twilight.
    " HandJob (whom I would translate you not but me understands(includes) that Rob had quite red and died from laughter when Mister Deniso spoke to him(her) about it) was the pen name which I had chosen as the hotel in Bets " Rob speaks about a few Little Asshes, his(her) exit(release) the USA would be foreseen(planned) In a 1 month. Rob is amazed that Ariane speaks about it.

    = > he(it) also returns on his(its) put career(quarry) little enters bracket for the legend.
    " I knew him(it), I make with, we had signed for a trilogy " .Il would thus have signed nothing for Breaking Dawn, for the moment.

    Ariane asks to Rob to kiss(embrace) him(it). It is downright of the cuddle ^^, who wants to become a presenter of the big newspaper?

    You can keep(guard) the text as it is by translating him(it) better than I made him(it) because this text is of me. Evey of the French official blog of Twilight.

  4. SWOON!!! He looks so HOT! It it just me or do his arms look a lot bigger??

  5. I felt really sorry for him he looked so out of place. Especially when that silly cow puts in the plastic fangs - how embarrassing, poor guy!

  6. I can't believe the people at le grand journal managed to make it so uninteresting. That stupid woman first tried to make Cantona play the trumpet (he almost refused!), then, she put fangs on and asked Robert to kiss her. Ew. They also asked Robert uninteresting questions, the woman clearly had not checked her info and asked him "oh so you're going to play Dali aren't you", apparently she did not know the film was already out. He was too polite to correct her. I have the feeling he was kind of rather impressed with Ken Loach and would have liked to talk to him. Which would have been much more interesting for him and us. Cantona was very nice to him in the end, saying he was sure he was very clever and would know how to handle the screaming fangirls and sudden success and Rob said thank you! What a waste of time for Rob anyway. This program is so superficial - it makes me so ashamed of being French !

  7. I am loving him in france!!! geeez. Id rather be there then changing diapers.

  8. Yes, he was absolutely adorable! And looked a little lost.

    Yeah...the fake vampire teeth - that bit never gets old (big roll of the eyes)...

    And what about that weather report? Hot girl dresses up like Clint Eastwood to deliver the weather? Well, at least Rob got a little eye candy for his troubles!

    And what was with that puppet thing talking to him??

  9. Wow, he looks great, especially since he had supposedly been partying all night. His hair looks to be the perfect length too. But I can't find the fake vampire teeth part everyone is talking about. Which part is that in?

  10. Nevermind, I found it (in response to my previous post). Why that woman had to do that to poor Rob, I'll never know. He does look lost throughout the entire confusing show. I love the way he holds the mic though:)


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