May 20, 2009

Rob Still Baffled By All His Attention

GMTV has a video interview of Robert Pattinson up, and Ro-bare is as swoony as ever! [via NMM Twitter]

P.S. It's really sunny in Cannes; is Edward Cullen gonna return with a tan??


  1. Did she just say that he's either 21 or 22? He looked so adorable during that interview =).

  2. LOL! I was thinking the same thing about sunny, sunny France! He must have been at the drugstore/chemist asking for vampire-strength sunscreen... Or they've hired someone to follow him around and spritz him with SPF 100 every thirty seconds. And keep him shaded with a giant umbrella. If he's sporting a "farmer tan" in the bell-tower/Voltura scene, there's gonna be hell to pay! : )

  3. Snarkier -- LMAO!!!!!! farmer's tan? hehehehehe

  4. LMAO, Snarkier!

    Yeah...reporter girl. Way to do your research!

    Rhetorical question because the answer is so obvious but just how cute is he???

  5. LOL @ STY! Well if he does get burned (which I am REALLY hoping he doesn't.. I don't want the farmer tan either) I would be willing to be the aloe vera girl. just sayin'.


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