May 4, 2009

Rob & Kristen Show Up at Sam Bradley's Concert Over the Weekend

Photo of Rob & KStew taken w/o permission removed.

Sorry guys, didn't know that was the case when I first posted this!

Over the weekend, Rob & Kristen were spotted at Sam Bradley's concert in Vancouver. If you missed the concert, horseshoebay has a ton of videos from Sam's concert posted, including this one:


  1. wow...he is really good!

    props for rob and kristen going out to support him.....even though there was that possibility fans would pummle

    i love this song!!

  2. I was reading on another website that this picture was taken by a fan against there will.I just think that this is all getting out of hand.Ya know.I mean I am a huge Twilight fan and i love me some Robert Pattinson,but people need to also respect them and not stalk them.I mean chasing him down the street thats a little crazy.The man is scared.Let him be.They are normal people just like us.Thats just my opinion.

  3. Thanks for your wonderful blog... I have you saved to my favourites at work. I'm from Australia, so seeing all your posts helps me get my Rob fix for the day.

  4. o....saved to your favorites?

  5. He is really talented. And just a really good performer!

  6. I read that they were making out so they didnt want their pictures taken and mike was in LA dancing with a girl and kissing. people are so obsessed about them. IO mean look at rob he was trying to hide in his friends concert poor guy I feel sorry for them who cares even they were making out in front of me I wouldnt care

  7. I've never heard of Mike with anyone but Kristin.

  8. Please don't believe everything you read.
    People who start these stories just want to stir up trouble/controversy.

    I'm SURE Rob asked the idiot who disrespected him and took this picture anyway NOT to take the picture b/c of the stories it would start.

    Just b/c he and Kristen went to Sam's concert together means NOTHING beyond that.
    He's (and she's) probably tired of not being able to just enjoy normal things in life (like going to a show!) and tired of being bombarded with stupid stories every time they're seen in the same 5 mile radius!

    They're filming this movie together. They're friends. They love music. They want to do something fun in their downtime.

    Why can't it just BE THAT??

    I feel bad for them b/c like they've said - filming Twilight was so much 'easier' on them. They could hang out and be normal people in public, etc.
    Now, this is just getting ridiculous.

    p.s. I'm sure the person who took this picture is not really a fan, but a 'fame monger' herself who wanted to have a lot of attention.

    Shame. A sad shame that people are that needy for attention.

  9. I appreciate your respect for their privacy Twi Crack addict but what about all the other pics at the dils concert that were taken of Rob, kristen and Nikki reed? Why does no one have a problem with seeing those out? Just curious. Those weren't taken with their permission either, I'm sure, as are many of the other random photos taken of the twilight actors. And the girl who took the photo of R and K backstage was an employee, actually. That's how she was able yo be backstage anyway. that's why we aren't seeing any other pics surfacing, i suppose. People do need to respect their privacy though and I feel sorry for them.

  10. Anonymous 9:38 AM -- not really sure how to respond to that...what about all of the Lainey pap pics, or any other photograph that is taken of a celeb when they are out in public, etc? None of those were taken with permission, though I'm sure we've all enjoyed them to some extent and do things like flip through People and US many of those photos are actually taken with consent?

    I'm not here to police these photos taken by 'citizen paparazzi', and I'll never really know the whole story about how these pics were taken (and again, I have no clue about the details of the photo that was once featured here, who took it, or what the circumstances looking at the pic, it just looks like two people out at a concert...).

    However, if I specifically hear that a Star requested that they NOT be photographed that evening or the photos were ill-gotten, then I will remove the photo.

    As for the Dills, there was one night where the stars consented to several photographs, and another night where KStew and Taylor sat out and said 'No'. For that particular night, I didn't post photos of KStew and Taylor.

    I'm just a fan like you, and I'm happy that people enjoy reading some of the same stuff I enjoy reading. If you like it, you like it.

  11. Good Job - there are plenty of snaps for us to enjoy without causing them grief.


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