May 27, 2009

Real Men Admit They Love Twilight

How much do I love NPR? Even more now that Brad Meltzer has revealed his MAN-love for Twilight on NPR's All Things Considered:
“I love this story of the gawky, awkward girl who falls in love with the brooding vampire. And I love that she can't get sexual with said vampire because when her blood gets pumping, it'll send him into a frenzy and he'll kill her. (How's that for a prophylactic?)”

I love hearing the dark secret histories of how the other vampires were turned into vampires. And I love when Edward gets all huffy with Jacob the werewolf — oh my God, I'm on the verge of writing fan-fic here — but again, in case you missed it, I love this story.

But for the most part, I've told almost no one.

Y'know why?

Because as a man, this book is not supposed to be for me.

Read the entire article here.

Thanks, Mrs. Meltzer; you are married to a Real Man. I can't get my husband to even touch Twilight. :-)


  1. I wish I had a man who was freeley admitted to loving these books, how good would it be to share the books you love with the man you love!

  2. Hiya My Man Admitted He Loves Twilight Like Me And Cant Wait For New Moon!!!! He Even Knows Every Word Too The Film Like Me Hehe :):) And Likes Me Reading The Books To Him!! Sooo I Can Say I Have Both :D Xxxx

  3. That was completely awesome! While my husband supports my Twilight habit he refuses to take a hit of Twicrack for him self.

    But hey I can't complain. He's promised to take me to New Moon so he'll be one of the few men there on opening day.

  4. My husband would have to get his own. As slow as he reads, it would drive me nuts waiting to get them back. Besides, I like that he doesn't know what could be running through my head when he sees me reading it. That would be embarrassing.

  5. I lucked out, not only does my husband fully support my Twilight habit, he actually read it first and recommended it to me. And it was recommended to him by a few of his male coworkers. They're out to changed the image of the stereotypical Twilight fan, nice to have a champion for them now!

  6. My male best friend loves twilight and read them all (:

    And I have another male friend who just saw the movie and told me he watches it everyday (: but he didn't read the books yet. So yeah, real men love twilight saga, I confirm :D

  7. I asked my bf if he wanted to read Twilight before we'd go see the movie. He did and kept going, read all the books in a week (+MS). He really liked the books but not so much the movie. He wants to see NM though :)

  8. My husband won't touch it. The movie or the books. He just looks at me and shakes his head. He tells me I'm obsessed. SO, maybe I am ;)

  9. My husband will not touch it either but my 16 year old nephew has read them all. Sadly, he had to ask me to take him to see "Twilight" the movie because he was too embarrased to ask any of his guy friends. I also have a friend whose 12 year old son has read them all and loved them. He will not tell anyone at school though because he thinks the girls will tease him. You go Brad Meltzer!

    You go Mr.


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