May 5, 2009

Peter Reveals What He Whispered into Rob's Ear During Edward's Transformation

Thanks to luvallpups, we have video from the Salute to Twilight Convention on May 3rd.

Twilight Treasury
has transcribed what Dr. Cullen said to Edward in the scene where he is changing him into a vampire:
On the first take he said 'I'm sorry', on the second take he said 'Be reborn my son', and on the third and fourth take, he was getting bored, so said something along the lines of 'Rob you're so sexy!'.
Thanks, Emma!


  1. Boy, Peter stole the show, didn't he! LOL!!!

    They really look like a fun bunch to hang out with. Glad everyone had such a great time. And I always wondered what Peter said in Rob's ear to make him smirk like that, so now my curiosity is satisfied. :P

  2. He's so much fun. :)
    I completely agree he's super Hottie Mc Hotti and
    he totally stole the show!

  3. Is there any way we can see the entire thing??? This had me cracking up. :D

  4. Omg that's really really funny. I love them all. They really look like a fun bunch to hang out with. I love them;:D

  5. Hahaha "She doesn't know what shes missing.If he was my husband, i'd spoon with him everyday." oh eddie. so...HOT. And Kellan...whew don't even get me started. haha

  6. Peteras dubbed by Rob, the funniest man alive. I think he was right! And Peter was rght, Rob was smirking. I always wondered! Love me some Peter, wink wink. ;)


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