May 12, 2009

Peter Talks Chris Weitz's 'Carlisle Cullen' Style vs Catherine Hardwicke's Mad Genius

I lurve this video! Peter talks about all sorts of stuff, like Jackson's performance during the b'day party scene, how he's more recognizable now, etc.

Thanks, Rachel!


  1. Ooo good questions! And as always Peter was well spoken and easy on the eyes.

  2. i really love Peter! that is a great interview, and like Juju said Peter is very well spoken.

  3. Thank you TCA for my Monday evening 'Squee'. I can't wait to see Jackson loose control on Kristen.

    And seriously who has only seen twilight 30 times since it's been on DVD? I think I might have watched it that many times the first weekend, lol.

  4. Love Peter! It cracks me up how he keeps saying "Edward and Taylor" instead of "Edward and Jacob".

  5. Team Edward, baby!


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