May 4, 2009

No Cat-Fighting Here: Twilight BFFs

E!Online asks Ashley Greene about who she's drawn to on set:
"Yeah. Me and Rachelle [Lefevre] literally go out to dinner every night and hang out a lot. And Kristen and Nikki definitely hang out with each other more than I think the rest of us do. But we'll all still get together. It's hard with everyone's schedules, too."
Actually, if you read the whole gossipy thing, you'll see that E!Online is trying to make trouble and get Ashley to dish on catfighting, which she resists. Why are some people always trying to stir the pot when there is nothing to be stirred?

Thanks, Pillowbiters!


  1. Silly media.
    You can't trust'em!

    Kristen and Nikki seem to totally be on the same page.

  2. Ashley is always so professional in interviews. I just love her and all the girls on the cast, actually! :-)

  3. She is always so diplomatic. Love her!

  4. yeah she was diplomatic...translation---nikki and kristen think they are better than the rest of us; so they only hang out with each other and we don't gave a damn.....

  5. jojo25, even though I like all of them, I TOTALLY agree with you. Nikki and Kristen do seem like they think they're better than Ashley and Rachelle


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