May 15, 2009

Nikki Talks Understated B'Day Party Scene & David Slade to MTV

Nikki shared filming details with MTV during the T-Mobile Launch Party:
But the Cullens are in a very pivotal scene in both the book and the film. And Reed insists that when fans get to finally see Bella's now-infamous 18th-birthday scene, it will be the fact that they played it out in an understated way that will make all the difference.

"[There isn't] that much [blood], believe it or not," she said. "Unless they plan on adding stuff in on post [production]. But I think that's the whole point is that we don't need a massive amount of blood to get feisty."

With "New Moon" underway, plans are already being made for its follow-up, "Eclipse," and Reed has already had talks with its director, David Slade. "I met with him while I was there [on set]," she said. "I think he's going to be fantastic. Each film is going to get better and better. We've all figured out our characters and we're all just excited. We're making a fun series."

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  1. THEY HAD BETTER NOT TAKE OUT CARLISLE STITCHING BELLA'S ARM UP! That's like, something that helps support the story pre plot-change! Without that, it's almost as bad as not having a plot change at all. It would be like, not running into the nomads in Twilight. Like Bella's papercut never happening in New Moon. Like in Eclipse them never graduating and Victoria never coming. Like in Breaking Dawn Renesmee never existing. DO YOU SEE HOW WRONG IT IS?

  2. Peter Facinelli already said that he did shot that. It's probably just not as extensive as it was in the book. I don't think anyone has anything to worry about.


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