May 11, 2009

Nikki Reed & Ashley Greene Make Maxim's Hot 100 List

42. Nikki Reed
We’ve wanted this sexy Twilight star to sink her teeth into us since her days on The O.C. Beware of the next Twilight installment, coming this November.

68. Ashley Greene
In Twilight she played a spunky vampire sister. See her next in Skateland…or being pursued by psycho Twilight fans.

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  1. I don't care what anybody thinks, but Ashley Greene is just simply HOT!!!!!

  2. Come on now....I can't believe that pic of Nikki beat out that pic of Ashley.

  3. How does inclusion on this list tend to affect a woman's career? Does Maxim need permission from the woman to put her on this list? I think Kristen has more class than either Nikki or Ashley and she is equally attractive. I suppose her ability intimidates the sort of boy who reads Maxim.

  4. Ashley Greene definitely deserves a higher ranking than #68!!
    She's killer in that pic!! :)

  5. Both Nikki and Ashley are gorgeous (Nikki not so much while Rosalie, actually, but in 'real life.')

    Ashley is so beautiful - - she has a very unique look about her.

    Yes, how are the Cullen boys not going nuts about Ash??? Or Rachelle? (I know she has a bf)

  6. I could work out every day for like 5 years and still never look as good as Ashley Greene...damn some people just win the genetic lottery!

  7. ummmm.... where is stewy!!!???

  8. I love Nikki and Ashley too but they could have picked a better pic of Nikki. Ashely's blows her's out of the water! BTW I'm not a lesbian but Ashley has some nice 80085! How did kristen not make the list she's gorgeous?!


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