May 29, 2009

New Scenes From New Moon on ET Tomorrow Night!

Check for your local listings via ETonline.


  1. Wow, you work fast TCA! I just mentioned that on the chat box, lol. I wonder what the scene will be? The wolf pack, or the party? What do you guys think? So much is flooding forth this week I feel like Noah.

    I just read that Slumdog Millionair is beating out Twilight for best kiss and movie. I've never seen Slumdog, though I've heard good things about it, but come on, a vampires kiss has to be hotter then anything else!

    Vote vote vote, while we still can!

  2. is this like...SCENE scenes or "hey look they're filming new moon and we're on the set" scenes?

  3. well,i'll wait to finish the movie and we'll see!!!i mean i want the movie NOW!!!ok,if not now in one month!!!ok?i'm waiting!!1


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