May 3, 2009

New (Old) Variety Interview with Robert Pattinson

Since my technical skills are jacked and I can't figure out how to fix the coding to embed this old video w/o chopping off half of RPattz's face, watch it here. Thanks, Bevie74!


  1. Rob's laugh is addictive. I adore it.

    This has always been one of my very favorite interviews with him. He looks gorgeous and seems so relaxed. I just want to kill the person filming it who never looked back through the lens to see that he was 1/2 cut off most of the time, ha ha! :)

  2. Agreed. This is one of my favorite interviews with him. It was one of the only interviews in all the pre-Twilight release where the interviewer actually asked great questions....and it is long!

  3. I Liked that interview alot! It proves that Rob isn't just in it for the money or fame. That he isn't going to take a part just because it is "Big Industry." That says something about him as an actor.

    & Woooww he looked so cute in it! <3
    I especially liked how he would run his hands through is head and his hair would stick straight up! <3

  4. Bev aka Bevie74 on TwitterMay 3, 2009 at 1:39 PM

    I saw this and laughed hysterically. I loved the whole "I'm a dick" comment near the beginning. It does show that he's not into the whole "fame game". He seemed genuine about talking about his other projects other than "Twilight"

  5. I love how the interviewer actually asks intelligent questions - it must terribly boring to be asked the same vacant things time and time again - this is sooo much more interesting! Do we know who this interviewer is?

  6. I agree - it's refreshing to see him with an intelligent, patient interviewer. It was painful to see him subjected to the moronic ET interview - he has to put up with enough.

    And ditto on the - Woooww - cute doesn't even begin to describe!

  7. @HisCrookedSmiles: I think it was Anne Thompson.

  8. I find that interviews that Rob (or the others) do, they are being asked the most moronic questions. As a fan, I'm sick of all the re-hashing of girlfriend questions, whether Rob has a hygiene problem, or the " How are you like Edward?" question. So, if I'm sick of those questions, you can bet he is.
    As a fan, I want to know about his other roles he's done, which did he find challenging, how difficult was it to play a paralyzed vet, things like that.
    This is my 2 bobs (or Robs) about this.

  9. I agree. This one of the best, if not the best interviews i've seen. Some interviewers just are talented that way and get the person to relax and open up which he did.


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