May 28, 2009

Tweeting from Montepulciano Piazza Grande Set

Looks like more of the same kind of filming as yesterday is going on today, but sounds like it *just* wrapped up for the day!

Some people have been tweeting from the Montepulciano set and share very cool details. Check out tweets from bellafira, vampirefreak101, and lara82, who posted this twitpic of Dakota signing autographs below:


  1. Thanks TCA!! Lovin the "real-time" updates. Since we all live in the fantasy world when it comes to NM. Reality can stink sometimes. Have to go to work:((

  2. Not sure why but this kind of ticked me off. Well, if he seems embarrassed, leave him alone! Howver, I think it's more of a case of trying to concentrate on his job.

    I think if he's out and about walking the red carpet, doing promotion related stuff, then drool and gape to your heart's content. But when he's working, leave him alone.

    I've done some acting so I can appreciate that it's hard to focus on your character and what you're doing when you have a major distraction and I can't think of a worse distraction than a crowd oohing and ahhhing at every move you make.

    Sorry girls. Rob's not there...that's Edward.

  3. I think yesterday and perhaps today have been the best few days for Twi crack addicts in quite awhile.

  4. he had said that the worst part from filming twilight was when he had to unbutton his shirt in the medeaw scene. he couldn't watch it!!

  5. Love these pics!!

    Hey - I started a new Twilight blog that you guys should come check out! It's no TwiCrack Addict, but it compliments it nicely! Check it out -

    Thanks! ~ Katie


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