May 9, 2009

New Moon Cast Dines with Eclipse Director, David Slade

I feel semi-slimy blogging about this, but Lainey Gossip revealed through multiple tweets last night that the New Moon Cast, Stephenie Meyer and David Slade were all out together at the Blue Water Grill last night.

Why do I feel slimy? Well, it kind of sounds like Lainey's tweet contributed to disrupting the dinner by unleashing tons of paps and fans on what was supposed to be a celebratory fete. I'm sure there will be tons o' pics as soon as the West Coast wakes up today.

Here are the rest of Lainey's hours-old Tweets (from most recent to oldest, so you gotta read backwards):
  • taylor left alone but ks, ag, rp, rf etc are still there lingering. it's only 130am afterall.
  • rachelle left to take sister home but came back. all of them stil there but leaving now - am told from inside they had a great time.
  • all now at blue water cafe where there are no craps tables and free vodka
  • update: they were warned. so ks showed with ashley greene and rp hang back 10 mins.
  • lots of photogs on the scene - you'll see the photos everywhere. unless they get scared away by stalkers and turn back. belligerations y'all
  • was a long day for both which is why they are late. RP is apparently picking KS up at her hotel to go together
  • Taylor Lautner is there...but he was seen earlier tonight with Selena Gomez
  • PS. Conspicuously absent: Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson. Apparently en route together. Are you squealing?
  • Heads-up Twi-hards: cast and crew party to meet new director happening right now at Blue Water Cafe.
Thanks to Nathalie from for the heads-up!


  1. you are awesome tca... every morning i come here to check for news :D

  2. Oh wow. She really let everyone know where they were? So not cool.

    I'd be ready to rent a house and start hiring caterers if I was a cast member.

    Thanks for the update TCA.

    :) You rock the casbah!

  3. Thanks TCA!! I to come and read every morning, afternoon, and evening!! OCD maybe!! just with Twilight. I think this is over the top, almost lingering on court order!!:)) H

  4. heheh. you know what juju? it took me like, 15 years to realize that those song lyrics are 'rock the casbah'...i had no clue, and would just mumble shizz while singing along to that part of the song. hehe

  5. who is rf? rachelle?

  6. oh GOD, I just the pics and I was like OMG, I cant explain what I feel right now. they are in the cab together! finally lainey gave in.

  7. Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart go home together at 3 a.m.

  8. I can't believe that Lainey gave away where their party was while it was happening. That sucks. Wait I can believe Lainey did that, TACKY AND MEAN. But I see nothing wrong with talking about it after the fact. I hope Rob and Kristen are together and I hope they can keep some privacy to enjoy their relationship whatever it is. They are both good people and deserve to be happy and I'd hate to see either of them be with a partner who tried to use them as a trophy. I agree rent a furnished condo in a security building so they can have people over and not always go out.

  9. jeeeez, oke so i'm a little obsessed with all things twilight too, but can't they just hang out without someone putting a camera in their face for once in a while......

    I think it's kinda sad that the have no privacy at all! The are not public property you know!!!

    xoxo Manon

  10. What Rob and Kristen really my city there is this rent a housewife service. A lot of the pro ball players use it because they are wealthy, single and stick out when they are in public. They match them with a non harassing woman who does the grocery shopping, cooking, cleaning whatever so that they can have dinner parties etc at home and not be harassed. I'm a Twitard but this harassment of actors is getting overwhelming.

  11. Saw the pics, and what Lainey said- It's really nto that big of a deal- Everyone who was taking pictures, etc. could have easily said where they were too- they were pretty out in the open as well....

    In case you'd like to look, here are some more pics that were on twitter:

  12. Wow, theres a difference between set stalking and outright being malicious with info on a celebs where-abouts. Not cool Lainey.

  13. seriously, how does she get all this information?
    someone inside the staff must be tippig her.. so uncool.. =/

  14. I wish those poor guys could've just gone out to dinner and enjoyed themselves for once in their lives... I do wonder what's up with the entwined legs though...

  15. I feel so bad for the Twilight/New Moon cast. They are so not used to this paparazzi to this extent (Except Dakota Fanning)because up until Twilight most did small independant films and litterally overnight their lives changed. Poor Rob is worried about someone attacking him and Kristen gets critized about not handling it well, but who can really handle being ambushed by tons of people on a daily basis. I think it was really messed up that, that Lainey whatever posted where the Twilight cast was when they were their trying to have dinner, it would have been better to report it after it happened. I wanna meet the Twilight cast just as bad as anyone else but I would want to so bad where I ruin there dinner and make it so much harder for them. Thats just my 2 cents


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