May 8, 2009

Mysterious David Slade Man Arrives in Vancity

Emma from Twilight Treasury just gave me a heads-up on this photo of a mystery man arriving in Vancouver posted by Lainey Gossip.

P.S. need to hide from us! I know TwiLoonies can be scary, but we're so excited and rooting for Eclipse to be great!


  1. Hmm....that'll be cool if he is really there!

  2. Oh that's exciting! Wonder what his plan is here?

  3. He's probably scoping out the different set locations and whatnot doing prep for Eclipse. Since NM's almost done and they're having like an 8-10 week break, he's gotta get started on this stuff!

  4. That's hope he decide to shot Eclipse here...lucky Vancouverian?? ha ha!


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