June 1, 2009

MTV Movie Awards: Twilight Wins Best Movie!

Nearly a Twilight sweep tonight! Twilight won in the following categories, and there was lots of love shared for Stephenie Meyer by the cast during their speeches:
  • * Best Fight (Cam & Rob)
  • * Best Kiss (Kristen)
  • * Best Female Performance (Kristen)
  • * Best Male Breakthrough (Robert)
  • * Best Movie

See more pics of Kristen on the red carpet at Gossip Girls.
See more pics of Kellan and....grandma Ashley (?) at Gossip Girls.

See more Taylor Red Carpet pics at Socialite Life.


  1. kristen stewart is into that grunge look. Hopefully she grows out of it soon enough, cause those converse with the dres are not cutting it for the mtv movie awards.

  2. OMG!!! I can not say what i am felleing right now!!! I'm from Brazil and i whatched every thing freaking out! The "fake" New Moon video was so hilarious....!=DD!
    Come on!!! I almost cryed! I'm shocked! Kristen was so great looking! I love her style!
    and Taylor ...Oh my god!Seems he's growing up...something like that!
    And Robert...Congrats! He de truly deserve it!!!
    Oh...as the Funny Mtv awards...Kristen had to be the funniest! I love her so much!
    *Jim Carey...i loved his performance! Congrats too!

    Soo that's it Twicrack addicts!!! I love your blog...i read it every day...! I am a great brazilian fan...i'd like to make more contacts...
    Bye! Marcella from Rio de Janeiro!

  3. Ok so I love Twilight because of the book, but the movie does not deserve to win Best movie.

  4. Seriously Kristin IS Bella the whole dropping the award thing, she IS her!!! Trippy

  5. I agree, Twilight wasn't the best movie. BUT I did want it to win. I haven't seen even seen that part yet, being on the West Coast. Am looking forward to the New Moon trailer. Don't wanna spoil it online. And Kristen's outfit is horrendous as are her dirty shoes. Tisk tisk, I'm disappointed. She always looks jaw-dropping. Not feeling Ashley Greene's hair either. May I say Elizabeth Reaser looks beautiful.

  6. A. Thank you for the clip TCA. I don't have cable and loved seeing this clip.
    B. Thanks for the recap TCA. As always you rock!
    C. I love Catherine. She's soo cool and down-to-earth.
    D. I ADORE Ashley's classic vintage pin-up girl look!
    E. KStew girl I dig your dress but would some heels kill you?

  7. Kristen Stewart needs a stylish for her outfits...she is killing her look...she is grown now ...she needs to look updated and styish..not some Jr high look

  8. I think Kristen looked fabulously akward. I was trully a Bella moment. Rob, as usual, stole the entire show. Even with Zac Efron front and center, NOBODY looked at him. Vanessa seemed resentful at times, I noticed.

    And, sadly I agree. Twilight wasn't the best movie in the crowd, but it has somthing that all those other movoes lacked...a FANTASTIC, captivating cast. Thats why it won.

    Everyones eyes were on the Twilight crew. Even Jim Carrey, who I adore as an actor and a person. His joke about the good looking Twilight kid, and wanting to pass the gay marraige law because of it. OMG! I squeed my pants.

    If Decode won over Mileys retarted rantings I would be completely blissful!

  9. Yes, shame Paramore didn't win as its such a cool song.


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