May 12, 2009

Morning Revelations: Twilight *May* Have a Sequel - Starring Anna Kendrick!

Somebody at the Post Chronicle didn't do his homework! Check out this spin on Twilight 2:
The film that earned 7 MTV Movie Award nominations starring Anna Kendrick may have a sequel - after a St. Louis beauty salon owner accidentally found pages to the script for the "Twilight" sequel!

Salon owner Casey Ray happened to find two scripts in a trash can recently - one for the vampire sequel "New Moon" (which stars Anna Kendrick) and one for a movie called "Memoirs."
Cracks me up on a slow news morning. :-) In all fairness, I guess Anna is in St. Louis filming 'Up in the Air' with George Clooney, so perhaps that is why the reporter has focused on her. hehe


  1. HAs this person been living under a rock or something?

  2. I thought they meant it almost sounds like another movie plot that anna kendrick was linked to the scripts being tossed in the trash..which is admittedly really weird. But yea not the best wording!

    BTW would you like to be top affiliates? I follow you g's religiously ;)


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