May 4, 2009

Michael Sheen on his way to Vancity

Michael Sheen just tweeted and posted this pic of himself sitting in the BA lounge awaiting his flight to Vancity:
Me, my natty 3 piece suit and a distinct lack of supermodels, in da lounge.


  1. Forgive me for saying this (because he seems cool) but he looks haggard.

  2. I can't wait to see how they change him (with a little makeup and a lot of grooming) for the part of Aro.

    I am so hyped to see him play the part.

  3. So hot as Lucien...prob just as mesmerizing as Aro.

  4. Try to imagine him, well groomed and with makeup and effect, a lot older... I don't know about you but I can totally see why he was picked for Aro. I think he'll be good! *hoping*


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