May 9, 2009

Melissa Rosenberg's Glowing New Moon Set Report + Confidence in David Slade

Twilight Source has some exciting updates from Melissa Rosenberg's Facebook Notes, where Melissa writes:
Writing from the set of New Moon, a ridiculously happy place to be. Everyone is having a gas. Especially me. You'd expect at least one person to be snarky after working so hard for so long but I haven't heard a single sour note.

Chris Weitz is the zen ringmaster doing a fantastic job. The Volturi look amaaaazing. Michael Sheen embodies Aro so completely, elevating the role to a whole new level. Dakota as Jane knocks me out. Rob and Kristen are gorgeous of course and and and... I probably shouldn't gush so much, no one will believe that everything is perfect but it is!
Melissa also had some comforting words about her confidence in David Slade:
Finally got to spend some time with our new director for Eclipse, David Slade. And I gotta say, he’s great. Very smart, funny, creative. I already knew he was a really talented and visual filmmaker, but now I know he’s terrific to work with as well. Collaborative and, most important (from a writer’s point of view) smart about story, character and emotional arcs. He gets it. And he’s going to make Eclipse into a fantastic movie. So relax Eclipse fans! We’re in good hands.

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