May 18, 2009

Marc Malkin Talks RPattz & Breaking Dawn Involvement Speculation

Marc Malkin doesn't see any reason why Rob won't do Breaking Dawn, but this isn't great news for all RPattz fans. Twilight Examiner explores sentiments from other RPattz fans who would prefer that he jump ship after Eclipse:

Some of Pattinson's fans, however, see the equation a little differently. Some fans of his are not Twilight fans, per se. Instead, they grew to love Pattinson for his work on films like The Bad Mother's Handbook, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, and The Haunted Airman and more recent films like How To Be and Little Ashes. One such group is the IMDb message board frequenters. These commenters cover all aspects of Pattinson's work in their discussions, but they aren't all Twilight fans.

That said, while Malkin's comments are hopeful and encouraging to Twilight fans to want to see Robert Pattinson continue his role as Edward Cullen in what we hope to be The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, other fans of the actor tend to think that Pattinson would do well to abandon the Twilight ship after his contract is up with The Twilight Saga: Eclipse.

Read about it at Twilight Examiner. Thanks, Amanda!


  1. Totally. 'Cause there's no Breaking Dawn with out RPatz.

  2. If he doesn't do Breaking Dawn then the movie will be total crap. I'm sorry, but it will. He is Edward personified and no one else can fill those shoes. I don't even think any other actor would want to try.

    Rob has such a following and I don't think he would disappoint his fans so monumentally by not appearing in Breaking Dawn. After all, Twilight is what put him on the map and he knows it.

  3. No one knows if BD will be made into a film, so it's really pure speculation at the moment... however, I can understand the point of view of those who are not Twilight fans. The risk for RPattz is to stay typecast as Edward too long and also to miss oportunities to do other completely different projects.

  4. WTH! Of course he has to be in BD! Plus, by some interviews and even Rob himself has mentions a BD film (Red Carpet @ The Oscars). So, I am not going to worry. I don't think anyone working on The Twilight Saga films will disappoint fans. I'm pretty sure they will make BD into a movie and Rob will be in it.

  5. Yeah, Rob is truly Edward personified, I agree, just like Johnny Depp is Jack Sparrow. You could not do BD without Rob. But just as Depp does lots of other very different projects as well, I suppose Rob may want to do something else. But I think he said once that he would do BD if the film got the go-ahead. So, wait and see...

  6. I'm more concerned with Rob's career as a whole than one single movie. Whether or not he does Breaking Dawn doesn't effect my being a fan of his.

  7. i think people are underestimating the cast and crew of the twilight films. they all love these projects, the books, and the fans. Most are fans themselves and want to finish the saga. Summit knows that if they had to recast Pattinson that it would lose big time at the box office. If there is no Rob to play Edward I don't think they will film BD. Like Roxy said, Rob has mentioned on multiple occassions that he would love to do Breaking Dawn if it gets the go ahead.

    Also, Rob is still making other movies. Just like the rest of the cast. Rob, Kristen and Jackson all have other projects between New Moon and Eclispe. They are all well rounded. Rob's fans that don't care for twilight shouldn't be worried.

  8. Let's not forget, too, that NM and Eclipse are 2 of 4 movies Rob will be filming in 2009 alone. I hardly think he'll be typecast, especially with the possibility/rumor of him in talks/consideration to do Dune/Battleship with Peter Berg.

    Hmmm . . . too many slashes there for my taste, ha ha.

    Still, I don't think Rob's gonna be a one-trick pony.


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