May 15, 2009

Looks Good in Clothes Too: Alex Meraz at T-Mobile Launch Party

With Q'ori...somebody whose name I can't spell Q'orianka Kilcher
Source: Socialite Life


  1. oooh, and Nikki Reed was in Tmobile party too!!!! SHE was very very amazing and beautiful:))!
    check it:)

  2. I just did something in my pants.


    I was in voice class with Q'orianka when she was 15 years old - she had great talent.

  3. omg!he's so sexy even with a shirt on.Look out Rob , there might be competion for you.I <3 Rob aka Edward Cullen , Alex Merza aka Paul , Taylor Lautner aka Jake , Jackson rathbone aka Jasper Cullen , Peter aka Carlisle Cullen , Kellan Klutz aka Emmett Cullen for right NOW.I have probs. with the Twilight Saga okay ? Im really obessed.Im an OCD which stands for One Crazy Dumb-ass and Obessesive Cullen Disorder no rehab necessary.Im a TRUE , CULLEN FOR LIVE!!!!!!!!!!

  4. WOW.
    He's so delish he renders me speechless!
    He's been hanging out with Kilcher.
    They must be homies.

  5. Um seriously, a thousand apologies to his lovely wife, but dear sweet heavinly ham do you see that man's thighs in those jeans?! Beautiful! I just realized that I could never have a dignified fan encounter with any male in the New Moon cast. I would scream, cry and fallout. In that very order.

  6. he's got style. another reason to my long list of why alex meraz is my fave.

    i bet you his wife is just sitting and smirking proudly that girls want him but can't have him.

    if she is... that's cool. i would too. ;]


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