May 12, 2009

Look Magazine UK Robert Pattinson Interview Scans

(Click to enlarge & read!)

The Wibbly Wobbly shares scans of this cool interview with RPattz that just came out in the UK. Thanks to Make Me a Vampire for passing this tip along! RPattz is hilarious as ever.


  1. Awe. Doesn't that quote sound like something Edward would feel?

  2. it´s from the GQ interview... and I think it´s a very old one isn´t it?

  3. It actually is a bunch of different interviews pasted together (GQ and also that one he did with Variety).

  4. I think that is the best quote I've ever heard! LOL!

    Rob is still young. All he needs is a good woman to train him. =)

  5. Anonymous -- no wonder i felt like i'd read all this before. Cheap!


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