May 4, 2009

Ky Wildermuth Wins Be a Part of New Moon Contest!

Check out Ky's winning submission at It's pretty awesome! :-)


  1. Congrats to Ky!
    ...I was rooting for Taren and Rachel.

  2. Wow --Great video!! Glad he won :)

  3. Good video, but that's not my personal fave.

    Grab your tissues before you see Rachel's.
    If you identify with Bella AT ALL in NM, reading the blurb at the end of Rachel's video will make your heart ache.

  4. i love how they were supposedly judging on creativity, yet the winner and several of the finalists were basically exactly the same.

    and no i'm not just bitter - i didn't even enter. i'm just saying.

  5. *so so very second-hand-embarrassed for these people* thank goodness i still have my dignity. how'd you like to be one of 9 losers (other than rachel of course, who should have won IMHO)-"you loose but here's you very public humiliation!"

  6. DEF agree that the best did not win! As usual someone knows somebody else or paid them off! I did not enter, so no I am not bitter, just do not think the best came out on top.

  7. I'm excited for Ky and thanks to "HisCrookedSmiles" for rooting for me:)!
    - Taren

  8. I think he did a great job and I'm happy for him. Congrats!

  9. Natalie is majorly committed and I'm sad she didn't win.
    GO Team Taylor.

    And JenJam was right. Rachel's is heart breaking. Wow. I REALLY wish Rachel could have won.

  10. You're welcome Taren - the "I'm really good at being in the background" cracked me up, lol!

  11. I think Rachel should have won, she was so beautifully artistic

  12. They had to view 8,500 videos- I think the finalist were really good- I was voting for Melissa...

  13. alright listen up!!!
    ky is amazing!
    not just on the contest and stuff but in general he has a great heart and he has an awesome personality.
    for all you haters?? your just jealous that you didnt win so back off
    i love ky
    im glad he won
    so get over it thanks =]

    love you ky!!!

  14. I guess that was Mom or Friend??? LOL Ky's video was really good. My Duaghter was a finalist and she was really bummed at first - but she saw ky and now she think's he is hot - LOL. She said the song is really catchy she goes around the house singing - and my cat's name is Jacob black... Way to go to all the people who were brave enough to enter -


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