May 4, 2009

KStew & RPattz Enjoying Sam Bradley's Concert

Popsugar has some great pics of Kristen & Robert at Sam Bradley's concert on Saturday night. You can check 'em out, but I really wouldn't put too much weight on the silly accompanying storyline.

P.S. If you were at a loud club, you'd probably have to scream into somebody's ear as well to have a conversation. Also, I'm pretty sure that one of the guys in these pics is KStew's brother...


  1. Oh, look at that neck...YUM!!!. They look so cute together. If only she didn't have a boyfriend.

  2. It is kinda silly, I do like the comment about how most people don't look this fantastic drinking a beer. I'd have to agree because Rob does look fantastic! =)

  3. Looks like they were having fun and he was constantly surrounded by women.
    Lucky ducks.

  4. why so skeptical? he shan't ever be yours, you know. nor mine, sob! but if he's not with me, he might as well be with kristen!

  5. Loved the picture of Rob drinking a Canadian. He's one of us now....LOL!

  6. Rob looks really happy and insanely gorgeous.

    No one here is delusional enough to think they have a chance with Rob. Or delusional enough to believe that Kristen is getting frisky with Monsieur Handjob in a crowded club with with her brother in tow.

  7. That smile.. is seriously to die for!

  8. Just curious, but WHY is it okay to post these 'razzi' photos that were obviously taken without Rob and Kris's permission... but yet the photo (taken by the 'twitter' girl that worked there) was removed?

  9.'re right; in the end it's all the same kind of crap. these are public figures, and they are going to be photographed, so i'm actually fine with pap pics. And i'm not gonna play police or justify what i post...i post the TwiCrack that i like, and if you like it too, then that's great.

    i did comment somewhere else, that barely any of the photographs that you see in People or US weekly or on the internet are taken with permission. yet we still enjoy them.

    however, IF i hear of something deliberately disrespectful, then i won't post it or i will take it down.

    People made a big stink about that other pic for some reason, and i wasn't sure of the details, so I took it down. you seem to know more than i do; i didn't even know who took the pic. I am not 100% positive, but i think that the person who took that original pic had posted it along with some salacious sort of false story only meant to cause trouble for the cast, so i think that was people's problem with it. not sure.


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