May 2, 2009

KStew & Anna Kendrick Filming + Taylor Waves Hello!

Taken April 30th by MaliciousMandy!


  1. Does this maliciousmandy have no shame at all? What is this? She's been set-stalking for how long? Does it ever come into your consciousness that what guys are doing is wrong and not at all normal? It is one thing to go see Rob and the shooting once, but this is just too much. Give the Twilight cast some sanity. I won't be surprised if because of these stalkers, the cast goes completely out of the public's reach. There needs to be some boundaries.

    And Twicrack by repeatedly posting such encounters you are encouraging people like Mandy and the Vancityallie.

  2. It's not like anybody knew she was there when she filmed that. It was only 23 seconds, relax!

  3. mmrm26: I'm not just referring to this post, there have been numerous other ones like this. Did you see the one where Rob looks like he's in a jail? A jail? What's left. And yeah this video is only 23 sec, but how long where they waiting to take that video? I just think, and (I'm not alone in my views check that some of the so called fans NEED to stop stalking and give the cast some space. That's all.

  4. "She" being "Me"

    I have been "set-stalking" now for 3 weeks.

    Granted the first week I only went twice, but it was because the set was literally down the street.

    After that I really wanted to meet the cast, so I read numerous blogs and found out where they were scheduled to film.

    I indeed got to meet some of the cast on set after they were off and I was thrilled.

    I went to a few band shows and met more cast.

    It was raelly exciting to meet these actors I had watched in Twilight.

    By this point I was enjoying it so much I just kept going. I figure, they are only here a few weeks, I might as well enjoy this opportunity.

    And so I have... gone to sets when I know where they are and when I am not working or have plans.

    Snapping Pics and Sharing Stories. Some people love it, some hate it... but what matters is what I think of it and I enjoy it.

    I don't break any laws, disturb any people and just watch what I can from where I am allowed to be (on public property) and if the cast comes by, bonus to chat with them.

    Lately, I don't stay out all night to meet them, but I have posted photos other fans have sent me to share as they are excited (like I was the first time I met them)

    I don't think fans should "chase" cast, nor do I think they should camp outside their hotels... but I do think hanging out in a public place they are filming at - in hopes to see an actor you admire - can be acceptable, if you are respectful to the production (not screaming, yelling, sneaking past security, breaking laws etc.)

    Sadly, many people have taken it too far and it is ruining the whole idea of "set-stalking"

    I've opted for sleep and tv over going to sets recently simply because of how crazy it has gotten.

    So to answer your question "Does this maliciousmandy have no shame at all? "

    I guess that it really doesn't matter what you think of me.... but as far as my actions, I can def. live with them and I don't think I am one of the "Crazies"

    But think what you will about me :)

    I can deal ;)

  5. I`m with with MM on this..she`s respecting the boundaries, she`s not chasing them down, stalking there every move..Annon you need to chill because honey cause you check this blog for what I would imagine is farly often and have no problem pressing play and going through the pics. Without ppl like MM of VanAl you wouldn`t have breathe.

  6. Hi everybody,

    Anonymous, while I appreciate your comments and share your concerns, let's not target a specific person who doesn't deserve to be made an example of...

    If I ever thought that Mandy and Vancity Allie were being disrespectful, I wouldn't post the photos and videos that they have so graciously shared with the Twilight fandom.

    While there *are* fans for sure who have taken things too far, Mandy and Allie in particular have always conducted themselves within the boundaries of what is allowed by security. And, when they do encounter the Twilight Cast, they've always been respectful and asked for permission for photographs.

    In the end, we all want New Moon to go smoothly, and we don't want anybody to do anything that comes at the expense of Summit or the cast & crew.

    Also, it's your personal prerogative how you choose to spend your time; to each her own. If some Twilight fans choose to visit sets, no matter how frequently, and cooperate with security, I'm not sure what bearing that has on anybody else...



  7. I sincerely apologize to Mandy and Vancity Allie for sounding so rude. That wasn't right in my part. It's just with a sudden influx of Rob interviews where Rob has expressed anxiety and distress in dealing with the popularity and crowd of fans, I am concerned for him and also the rest of the cast. Again, sorry for hurting ur feelings :(

  8. Hey guys. Wow, it got really serious in here. I have never had the oppurtunity to see a movie made or even meet a movie star, but thanks to these dedicated fans, like Mandy or Allie, who want to share their experience, I sincerely thank them. I, too, have noticed how stressed Rob sounds and looks in his interviews, but lately, he seems happier. Like he's getting a grip on himself and learning to handle the stress of fame.

  9. hi anonymous!

    just wanted to reiterate that i do share your concerns, and we don't want to encourage fans to bother the cast or trouble them in their private time; it's upsetting to hear about instances where fans have crossed the line or have deliberately contributed to disrupting production.

  10. Great videos! Thanks Mandy and Allie. Of everything I've seen both of you guys are dedicated respectful lucky fans and you rock.


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