May 15, 2009

Kristi & April's TwiCon LA Adventure: Leg Grabs, Bear Hugs & Chatting with Kellan About His Fake Twitters :-)

Even More Reasons to Love Kellan! Read about Kristi's Lucky Leg Grab below :-)

April shares her May 3, 2009 TwiCon LA story with us, and it sounds like it was a great event!
We had an amazing time! I thought for sure there were going to be alot of "weirdos" and crazy people there (lol!) but I was surprised to see that the majority were my age or even older (I'm 27!) We got there a little late because I had left my wallet at a Starbucks in Anaheim and we had to drive all the way back! (that sucked!) We got there toward the end of Michael Welch talking. We checked out the vendor room and saw alot of "old stars" in there. Cindy from the Brady Bunch? And various "Trekies".... Spock etc.

Then we got in line for our photo-op with Peter. We were told that we couldn't ask for hugs or shake their hands because of "recent health concerns" aka Swine Flu. The photo- op's are such a whirl wind but also such a High! Peter was like STUNNING. Pictures DO NOT do him justice at all! The prettiest eyes I've ever seen and he was just beautiful! He was very nice and hugged both me and my friend Kristi very tight for our picture.

Next we got a sandwich and got back in line for our photo-op with Edi. We were really really sad that Ashley Greene cancelled. We were SO looking forward to meeting her... but Edi was totally cool! He was sooo nice and shook our hands... introduced himself and asked our names etc. He was being awesome with fans. Doing Vampire Crouches for pictures and he even got down on one knee and "proposed" to a little girl that was probably 8? So cute.
Click on pic to enlarge, or check out all TwiCon LA photos here.

After that we went back to the theatre and enjoyed the auction. They had some really awesome stuff that they auctioned off including all the banners etc in the theatre. We weren't lucky enough to win anything but the lady next to us won the bid for an autographed Robert Patinson and Kristen Stewart, Edward and Bella picture for $200.... we got a picture of it :)

After that was the Q&A session with Peter, Edi and Kellan. Oh my goodness I used to make fun of the girls that got teary eyed etc when they met stars or went to concerts... but I have to honestly say I have never been so star struck as when Kellan walked out on that stage!! Yummy! The 3 of them were just HILARIOUS!! So cool! They have awesome chemistry and were so funny together. Edi is definitely very "Eddie Murphy" funny. Peter talks ALOT and Kellan was just soo dreamy... You know he KNOWS he is gorgeous!

After the Q&A session we got in line for our photo-op with Kellan. Butterflies!!! We were determined to have an awesome experience with him! It was obvious that he wasn't concerned about swine flu!! Kristi went first and she told him "I wanna do something fun!" so he said "Okay! You wanna grab my leg?!" UM YES!! So she got a great picture. Then it was my turn and I walked up and he said "Aw I just want to hug you!!" So he did... and he squeezed me TIGHT... and you can tell this in the picture!! He was SO sweet and fun!! And you can totally tell I'm blushing in the pictures!
After the photo-op with Kellan it was time for autographs. We had general admission tickets and basically the entire theatre was going to get dismissed to get their autographs before us. We were starting to freak out because they were running way behind schedule and we had flights to catch at LAX. So we went and asked what happens if we had to leave to catch our flights and weren't able to get our autographs. They asked if we could prove our flight info so we pulled it up on our Blackberry's and they saw them and escorted us to the front of the line!! We were so thankful! We got Kellan and Peter's autograph. If I had realized they were all going to be lined up in a row I would have gotten them all because it was a little awkward to walk past Edi and say hi without having him sign anything! The line got backed up in front of Kellan and we were able to stop there and talk to him for a few minutes. He was so easy to talk to and we were talking about his "fake" twitters out there and he told us that he doesn't have time for that stuff... he said "I'm too busy with my truck and my dog!"
So basically that's our story! We had JUST enough time to go run and pick up our pictures... Drop off the rental car and eat some dinner right before our flights took off! Her back to Phoenix and me back to Sacramento. Our first girls trip without our kids was amazing and such an awesome experience! Hope you enjoyed reading about it!
Thanks for sharing, April! You can see the rest of their amazing photos in April's TwiCon LA gallery.


  1. Yum! I'm so jealous!

  2. The pictures of you girls with Kellan are awesome, but especially the one of April with him. The blush is adorable, I love it!

    That is one serious bear hug and I hope you're getting that baby blown up poster size and framed. :)

    Kellan seems genuinely sweet.

  3. OMG I'm salivating with jealousy!!! LOL!!!! What a SUPER amazing expierence. Kellan seems too good to be true, a hot guy, who knows he's hot, but isn't a jerk. W. O. W. Thank you thank you thank you for sharing. I'm living thru your expierence right now! LOL LOL LOL!!!!

  4. What a great experience! I love reading with some of the other meet-n-greets that they treat their fans as individuals! (best Napoleon Dynamite impersonation) LUCKY!

  5. That sounds like such a great day, and they seem to be really down to earth and lovely. I saw Kellan and Edi in Australia recently and they tried to hard to accommodate everyone, it was touching.

  6. After I held his leg, I reached around and grabbed his ab's in a "hug" and thanks him for the picture. It was like a sack of potatoes under there! SO nice!

    Some great things about Kellan's personality was his down to earth style. He complimented my pink hair and totally remembered me later when we saw him for autographs. He also was as appreciative of US as we were of him, and kept telling us 'Anytime!'. AND he is witty.... when we were talking to him about Twitter, he was saying how it seemed a little strange. Like "I'm eating lunch now" "I'm taking a shower now". Of course, to the shower comment, I replied "Well, thats not so bad" ;).

    Thanks for posting this April! I ♥ you! And hope we can do another TwiCon soon!

  7. What is up with Kellan?!? I am totally amazed by the fact that he get so close to his fans! He is obviously a good sport and a great person to make so many people's lifetimes!

    Does anyone have any idea how much $ they are paid to attend these things or if they are required by studio contract to attend so many per year? I know they are not doing it out of the goodness of their hearts, but they certainly appear to be having fun out there. I am so jealous that I am not going to any :(

  8. I love Peter and Kellan so much!!! They are so gorgeous that they don't NEED to be nice but everybody says so many good things about them that I can't help loving them even more...

    Thank you so much for sharing your experience and your great photos!!! =O)



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