May 13, 2009

Kellan's Swoony Hollywood Life Photoshoot

So, when Nadine from KellanLutzOnline emailed me about a new photoshoot she'd blogged, she meant this Hollywood Life one, NOT the photos of Kellan holding a kid, which I homed in on. Check out all this gorgeousness here.

I must be suffering maternal pangs or something, because that is the only photo I noticed. hehe.


  1. LMAO hey who can blame you. there is something about a men 7 a baby. LMAO not sure what...but yeah...i totally understand. LOL

  2. It's cause a man who's comfortable with kids is hot.
    It's probably some maternal instinct we're hardwired with.

  3. Absofreakinlutely! A man holding a baby is incredibly sexy! I think it calls to a basic instinct in us of seeking a good mate/provider/protector/father/husband.


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