May 26, 2009

Justin Shows off his Wicked Tattoo + talks New Moon Casting Diversity

Radaronline visits Justin Chon, who sports a new tattoo, at his store, the Attic. Also, turning to more serious shizz, Justin talks about New Moon diversity in a second video.

In residence at his sneaker boutique Attic in Buena Park, CA, Chon told us of his pride over being an Asian-American cast in a role written for a white actor.

"I think it's a huge deal, man. I think Asian American's need to step it up in terms of the whole film game...I'm so proud," Chon said.

Thanks, Loan!


  1. He's so sweet! Bryan needs a little help I think??! Was a little annoying.

  2. OMG that's so awesome.
    my brother and his friend goes to that store sometimes and it's 5 minutes away from my house!!
    That's too crazy... i'm so visiting sometime.

  3. that is a cool tattoo!

    love your blog by the way!!!!

    my daughter (she's 8) was recently watching 'wendy woo - homecoming warrior' and justin chon was in it!

  4. YES! I love Justin Chon and his asian representation of Eric Yorkie in the Twilight film.

    I also lov that he follows up in sneakers and urban streetwear. Too bad his store is on the side of the country =[


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