May 1, 2009

Justin Guarini Wants in on New Moon Too

Remember Justin? Well, he wants in on New Moon with this song, "I Can't Live". Check it out at Justin's website:
Here's a song that Tammy Hyler, Shaye Smith, and I wrote specifically for "New Moon". I've set it to some stills, and slapped my vocals on it. If you like it, make sure to spread the word and ask Stephenie Meyer to put it on the soundtrack - JG
Thanks, Mary G!

P.S. Don't wanna bias anybody, but the song's not half-bad. It's not very subtle, but neither is New Moon.


  1. noooooooooooooooooooo! this CANNOT be allowed to happen. no.

  2. Please keep Justin (and his hair) away from New Moon. I love Twilight (really I do), but it has more than enough cheese to overcome without adding Justin to the mix.

  3. I usually don't voice my opinion about these things, but please... N-O.

    I agree with Pinky about the cheese. lol.

    Plus, I am tired of people trying to jump on the Twilight band wagon...find your own fame...

  4. who doesn't want in twilight. Gah....I can't stand him so PLEASE OH MIGHTY TWILIGHT people...don't do it!

  5. Don't hate me...I'm just sayin'...honestly...the song is pretty good. You just have to try to forget who's singing it, and listen. Maybe if it was recorded by someone else...say, Coldplay, Snow Patrol, or my ABSOLUTE favorite, Switchfoot, then maybe it would be better. Just try to have an open mind about things...

  6. I seriously hate to say this but the song isn't half bad that said it was specifically written for New Moon and is definitely not subtle (like you said Goz) I don't think he fits the style mostly because I think any artist could write a song specifically for NM and it would fit too. I'd rather have Need by Hana Pestle over this song any day its at least more subtle.

  7. The lyrics may be good. But the vocals are NOT GOOD!! I had to stop it half way thru. I just couldn't take it anymore.....

  8. Sounds like the kind of song they put in a series not in a movie.

    And since we're on this topic... the other day i realized what song would be PERFECT for when Bella's drowning and actually sees Edward: (lyrics on the side) Reznor would never go for it, but it just fits.

  9. To Anonymous, holy sh*t great song pick the lyrics are bananas...I agree though that Reznor would never go for it. :( Although one never knows if enough money flashes in ones face just maybe. It could also play in Italy while he's remembering her.

  10. GGSophie-


    at least i know i'm not alone on that one... it made me tear up when i was reading the drowning part and the song popped up on my ipod, it was amazing...

    I really don't think Reznor would go for it even with lots of money added on to it, but i've been surprised before.

  11. I hate Justin but the song is not half bad, I agree if someone a little more edgy/rock sang it, would make it better.

    I checked out the NIN song and read the lyrics. Totally got goosebumps, what a perfect fit. Good call on that one but Reznor would probably be a no go on that idea =(

  12. This guy has never made it big. Landing a track on the New Moon OST would give him massive exposure. Of course the guy wants to take advantage of it!

    This is my problem: it's not just about whether the song is good enough or not (which in my opinion, it is NOT). It is about how it was written and how it was presented. I don't like how it was written so directly. None of the songs on the Twilight OST were as direct as this song is to Bella & Edward's relationship. The direct use of a quote from the script/book is such a lame way to practically tag it with pick me, pick me, pick me. And I also don't think Justin belongs in the rock genre. Further, instead of simply submitting the song to producers at Summit in a professional way, the guy decides to make a freakin' photo slideshow to play his song all over his website and YouTube, just to generate some buzz. This is NOT the way to go. I think that Summit would make their decision but try to keep the tracklist under wraps until the movie is released. To those who support Justin's desperate attempt: after all this sad exposure on his attempt to get ahead in life, would you be able to enjoy the movie with this mediocre song suddenly bursting in the background?

    PLEASE SUMMIT, don't select it.


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