May 21, 2009

It's St. Marcus Day in Montepulciano!

Twilighters Italia shared cool pics of Montepulciano being decked out for a faux-St Marcus Day celebration. Alessandra writes:
They're preparing for Saint Marcus day!

Today a pickup loaded with red flags and ensigns was spotted in the main square, piazza grande. A few hours later all over the front of the cityhall there were those flags pinned.

Meanwhile, the fountain is now almost finished and today it was painted with waterproof so now it seems a little more whitish!
Check out all pics at Twilighters Italia. Thanks, Alessandra! :-)


  1. I wonder if they'll use styraphome to cover and carve out the fountain? But on the other hand if they use styraphome Bella can't jump into it without leaving a Bella sized footprint. A vampire could do that, not a human. lol.

  2. Ooo goody! I love set pics.

  3. Oh, I read that wrong. My bad.

  4. i cannot wait to see that scene in the movie
    that and when edward leaves
    i just cant seem to picture it in my mind
    well, i can but it probably wont look anything like it
    im worried that the movie will be bad
    but im pretty sure it wont be
    im worried
    but that doesnt matter, itll be awesome anyway


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