May 14, 2009

Italy, here they come! Potential Fortezza New Moon Filming Location?

Twilighters Italia shares news of a potential Montepulciano filming location. New Moon Movie shares the following details:
A mysterious sign has been spotted in Montepulciano on a gate of the Fortezza. The sign says “No Visitors Allowed” by order of Proscenium Pictures. This is the same company that recently held auditions for extras...
Read more at NMM!


  1. OME! I'm sooooo excited for the pictures to start leaking! Set Stalkers...on your mark, get set...TAKE PICTURES!

  2. Kerri, you too the words right out of my mouth! I LOVE EDWARD/ROBERT!! ;D

  3. ohh! I agree with Kerri too!


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