May 22, 2009

Is Selena in Love With *Somebody*?

The Hollywood Gossip points out an interesting update to Selena Gomez's MySpace, where she talks about how she now admits to doing a lot of stuff that she once swore off of, including falling in love!
I remember when i was 12 telling my friends i would never ever wear dresses because i thought they were too prissy. Now I own more floral dresses than pants. Or how i hated mustard and gagged at the sight of it, now I will not touch a hotdog without it. I also said that I would never fall in love until i was much older to really understand the word.....
Interpret it for yourself here, fellow TwiCrack addicts, or read about it at Hollywood Gossip.


  1. i think i noe who that *somebody* is

  2. Well if I was 20 years younger I would be in love with the same *somebody* He is so cute and even my 10yr olds first crush =)

  3. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    How cute!
    I love it!
    Hurray for Taylor.

  4. She sounds crazy about him and I wouldn't want anything less for adorable sexy Taylor.

  5. Yes, she is one smitten kitten!

  6. OHw! I don't know why (YES I KNOW!!) but I don't really like it.

    PLease, he's just one year older than me?! Why doesn't he spend some holidays in Portugal? :-#

    Or they could film here, there are lots of forests like Forks'.

  7. I remember my first love. I was 15. I dont care what people say, love is possible at a young age. It leaves you burning and man it's wonderful!!!!

    I guess thats why Taylor slipped off the radar in Vancouver. One day, he was hanging with Kristen and Nikki nonstop, and then BAM he dissapeared.


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