May 12, 2009

Interview With a Vampire: Charlie Bewley (Demitri) Spills to has an interview with Charlie Bewley, who will play Demetri in New Moon. Charlie gives a glowing review of New Moon the book, his interests and background, as well as his NM character:

Demetri is a Jesus amongst guards...

He has unparalleled tracking abilities together with insane strength, speed and classiness; lives in Tuscany, underground; hangs out with the beautiful Heidi who brings him food all the time; he has red irises and glitters in the sunlight... It's hard, therefore, to see what's not to like about playing this legend.

The commonalities we share mean this is a character I can seriously get my teeth into: He's a tracker, I'm a rave-runner; he's a diplomat, I'm a spiritualist; he's cool and stylish, I'm.... we have a lot in common.

What I love about Demetri is that he is utterly charming in juxtaposition to big bad Felix, yet "no less lethal"... clearly this guy takes no prisoners. Well, he does... before tearing them limb from limb.
Read the whole thing here. [via New Moon Movie]


  1. Maybe I'm reading this wrong, but does he come across as really into himself in this interview?

  2. He is not what i pictured Demetri to be :(

  3. Well maybe his attitued and his arrogance...LOL

  4. He sounds like he's going to play a perfect vamp.

  5. Hmm. I like him for the part. I think that it's funny the way he talks about himself. But, I still think that he will be good for the part. The movie will be great, and I can't wait to see it. (:


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