May 15, 2009

How Native American Lore Influenced New Moon

Deadbolt has a cool article that shares some detail about the Native American lore and Quileute legends about Wolves and shape-shifting that inspired New Moon.

In Vancouver, British Columbia where New Moon is almost about to wrap up production, the Haida tribe off the B.C. coast in the Queen Charlotte Islands also have their own legends of shape-shifting, which center around bears instead of wolves. Interestingly, legends about shape-shifting humans are also similar to vampire lore throughout the ages and the ability of various bloodsuckers to change and transform. Still, Stephenie Meyer conceived two lead male characters, Edward Cullen and Jacob Black, as surreal heroes while tapping into similar stories and legends of the past to create a fresh new stage to showcase their supernatural abilities.

Read the rest at Deadbolt.


  1. Cool article! Thank you. The Native American culture is definitely my favorite part of the Twilight series.

  2. Kools, im part native...maybe ill turn into a wolf too :P A wolf in love with a vampire... very under world. But im Algonkwin.


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