May 30, 2009

From Unknowns to Being the Subject of My Blog

MTV has put up a ton of Twilight articles up over the past 24 hours in anticipation of this Sunday's Movie Awards, including one touching upon how much life has changed in one year for the Twilight Cast and reveals that Ashley, Kellan & Cam will be present too:
One year ago, Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and a handful of other "Twilight" stars arrived at the MTV Movie Awards and walked down the red carpet, with most of the world's press uninterested in speaking with them. In fact, they had to go back to the beginning of the carpet and start again, just so they could be properly introduced to those who didn't realize they were movie stars. Luckily, MTV had caught the "Twilight" bug early, eagerly did some exclusive interviews with the actors on the carpet and were proud to use the occasion as their coming-out party.

This Sunday night, Rob, Kristen, Kellan, Ashley, Cam, Taylor and others will return to Universal's Gibson Amphitheatre triumphantly, leading the evening's attendees with seven nominations. And when director Catherine Hardwicke recently showed us around her Venice home where it all began, she marveled at the difference 12 months can make.

"Pretty much, everyone was more or less an unknown when we cast them," she explained. "Now they've all blown up big, like, crazy."
Read the rest at MTV.


  1. I love that interview from the movie awards last year! And im excited most of the cast will be there tomorrow night, I hope they get some face time on camera too!

  2. I dont get after watching this how people can say Kristen doesn't like Twilight, she seemed pretty excited. Is it tomorrow yet?

  3. Oh Rob, you're so modest! It's funny (and a little sad) how Kristen kept making "Bella faces", but then having to remind remind myself those are "Kristen faces".

  4. RandomGL I couldn't agree with you more about the Bella/KStew faces. I was thinking to myself "God, she's really attached, she never breaks character..."

    I <3 Rob. I love his pouty faces, his smiling faces, his nervous laugh... gawd I want to jump his bones!

  5. What a cute video. I love seeing KStew happy.


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