May 29, 2009

Filming to Wrap Tomorrow?

The Awful Truth serves up some gossipy fare, including juicy nothingness about Oregano (you'll have to read it for yourself here), but there are some interesting nuggets in their report among the froth:

As for the guys? Rob has obviously been a hot commodity, but apparently the Italians are loving newcomer Charlie Bewley, too. Charlie is playing Demetri, and fans have been "clamoring for pictures and autographs" from him.

Filming is supposed to wrap Friday, with Rob done today. Can't wait to hear what happens when Robsten is supposedly back in L.A. this weekend!

And if you're wondering if filming might delay an MTV appearance at this point, Twilight sources say everything's "on schedule."

Read the rest here.


  1. Awwwh so sad:(( Can't wait for set-stalking with Eclipse. Hey TCA!! You'll have to put plastic Edward back on the blog!!:))

  2. So...what do we do for the next 6 months??

  3. I am dying to know who Kristen will take to MTV awards.....???her brother????? Someone please tell me if she is with ma or not!!!!!!!!!!I can either be bummmed out if she is or excited of the possibility w/rp.

  4. I bet you anything neither Rob nor Kristen will take anyone. They like hanging together as friends. Even Taylor will be there. I wonder if he'll bring Selena?

    Michaels an actor too, he probablly has work somwhere while Kristen wraps up New Moon. I dont know?

    Dont worry To Twicat, we'll follow Rob to New York while he films Remember me. =)

  5. There's that eyebrow thing I despise.

  6. Ah yes....hmmmmm. I think I need to do a shopping trip in New York. Maybe in July........

  7. I'm so obsessed, I'm glad they're done filming - can they release it tomorrow!?!?!
    OME!!!!!!!! Look at the cool Twilight scrapbooking pages at

  8. I wish people would leave poor Oregano alone.
    I bet he's super sweet and he's not doing anything any one else wouldn't do.

    Thanks for the update TCA. :)

  9. That's funny, because I read elsewhere that Michael was in Italy, and that he and Kristen had been asked to stay in their hotel when they're together, which would explain the lack of pics of the two of them. I agree Juju, people dislike Michael for all the wrong reasons!


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