May 7, 2009

Filming Deets: Why Jamie Campbell Bower is Totally Whacked Right Now

Lainey Gossip gives deets on what scenes were filmed today:
The wolves have wrapped shooting. It’s now Volturi time. As I first reported yesterday, Dakota Fanning, Michael Sheen, and Jamie Bower Campbell have arrived in Vancouver. Dakota did not work today but Michael and Jamie had very early call times. The scenes:

The Volturi judging and sentencing a vampire who broke the rules – as seen in a painting.


Edward presenting himself to the Volturi and requesting their decision. The three vampire leaders say nope, they don’t want to destroy him.


  1. I know, can't I make like a bear and hybernate 'till it is? LOL!

  2. I think i going to go read the Saga again, November isnt coming fast enough! LOL

  3. Anyone wonder where Lainey gets her info from? There are some things she posts that are false but then things like this usually turn out to be legit.

    I read NM recently and slowly working on Eclipse.

  4. if these scenes are recorded in Vancouver right now, it means that Robert and Kristen will be traveling to Italy alone?

  5. I think they are doing all the exterior shots in italy. So its
    Probably Rob, Kristen, Ashley, Dakota, and the 2 guys playing
    Felix and Demetri. Its just a guess based on the book.

  6. My comment has nothing to do with the subject, I just wanted to say that I think you did give Mr.TCA some twitime and I honestly think its so cute ! You should do it more often all though I honestly missed your blog ! Kept checking to see if you had posted something new !
    Love your blog :D

  7. I'm sad there was no wolf pack stalkers.

  8. Agree with Juju...I so wanted to know more about wolf pack

  9. Wouldn'tit be awsome if they could make a pill that knocked you out until November...and you magicaly wake up on November 20th. SQUEEEEE, that would rule!

    Juju, I agree. Where the heck are the wolf pictures?

  10. i want to know why jamie bower campbell gets slammed for mentioning a nude scene, yet NOBODY slams that ass kristen stewart for being a low life pothead, and to think of all those preteens who PAY her salary! they have to look at that in magazines, wtf.


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