May 1, 2009

Filming at Paramount Theater in New Westminster Yesterday

Nancy sent me a photo of filming at the Paramount Theater that she took last night, and wrote:
This appears to be the filming of the exterior shots of Bella's, Mike's and Jacob's trip to the movies.
Also, Newsgirl News was on the set of New Moon last night and shares her experience and photos, including these: Thanks for the tip, Pillowbiters!

P.S. Is Face Punch a real movie? Vancity Allie shows us how the marquee was eventually changed to, 'The Dead Come Back' for other scenes.


  1. Great story and pictures!

  2. That's a strip club!

  3. ahaha!!!
    does anyone know if they're going to be filming again tonight??

  4. hey do you know where they are filming today (may 1)

  5. or tomorrow or even anytime soon?

  6. Hey, they are filming there again tonight. Not sure what time they are going to, but I saw them about an hour ago.

  7. what time do you think they are filming tonight? and where? (may 2)

    or if they are filming somewhere else at any other time? what is the location?


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