May 12, 2009

Meeting Kellan, Edi, Peter & Jackson at EyeCon Over the Weekend

(click on pic to enlarge)

Cachie had an amazing time at EyeCon in Florida over the weekend, and got some amazing photos with the cast! Of meeting Kellan at the photo-op, Cachie writes:
Kellan was super sweet. He kept peeking out of the curtain telling me and my friend that he was waiting for us and that we were taking too long and "standing him up" lol. So we approached Kellan and I couldn't help but touch his arms! They ARE AS AMAZING AS YOU THINK THEY ARE...IF NOT BETTER!
Cachie reports that Jackson played every single instrument and sang too during Saturday night's 100 Monkey's concert! Also, Cachie shares how Jackson's fellow Twilight cast members came to support him:(click on pic to enlarge)
After the first few songs, KELLAN, EDI AND PETER joined the crowd. Literally, just walking in through the back and standing on tables and chairs yelling at the top of their lungs. I loved how much they supported Jackson and how they weren't all crazy about the fans taking endless pictures of them!

Also, Cachie got everyone's autograph during the autograph-signing session:Thanks for sharing, Cachie!


  1. I love these pictures, I'm definitely jealous!

  2. @Cachie

    OME!!! Can you please more details, please? Like... every.word.Kellan and Peter.said.



  3. WOW. How cool! I'm starting to think I should have gone.

  4. @ andrea-- there's ALOT of detail. lol i wouldn't mind sharing more but i feel bad killing TwiCrack's blog with all my writing. lol let's just say i got a kiss from Peter and Kellan was verrry flirtacious! lol

    @ juju-- yeah, definitely shoudlve gone. experiencing this convention made me wanna attend every single other one! lmao

    <3 cachie

  5. @ cachie

    Do you have a blog or some other place where you can share??? PLEASE????????


  6. @ ANDREA

    i do actually have a blog but i dont go on it nor do i update it. lol if you want give me your email and i'll sned you everything you wanna know! lol

  7. @Cachie
    Could you e-mail me every single detail about the convention and especially about meeting Peter and Kellan? I don't live in the US but I'm planning to attend one or two conventions next year and I would appreciate to hear about your overall experience as well.
    Thanks a lot!!


  8. pleaaaase can u e-mail me the detils too

  9. I went as well... I didn't fo as much as Cachie did but I do have some pictures. :-) You can check them out here :P

    please leave a comment :P


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