May 20, 2009

Daniel Cudmore Did All His Own New Moon Stunts -- And says they turned out great!

Daniel Cudmore (Felix) was interviewed on Vamp Radio Online last night by Angela & Gina from Intoxicating Scent (and hosts of Vamp Radio's Twilight Hour) and Joyce & Kim from Cullen Boys Anonymous. Here are some highlights that I scribbled down while listening:
  • Grew up in Squamish, BC outside of Vancouver
  • Not necessarily any big acting aspirations growing up; being from a small town, enjoyed participating in small plays
  • Next film he's working on is 'Eclipse' in August; looking for work over the summer before Eclipse starts
  • Was a little shy about working with Halle Berry, Hugh Jackman on XMen
  • Doesn't know why there are so many half-naked photos of him floating around :-)
  • Likes doing stunt-work and did all his own stunts for New Moon, which he says are really cool!
  • Went to college in Pennsylvania and played football, before returning to Vancouver to refocus and tried his hand at acting
  • Says Felix is angry and evil down to the core, but Daniel is a happy-go-lucky guy, so it was cool to build up that character
  • Felix is jealous that he doesn't have an extraordinary power like the other vamps, which brings him to the point of rage -- so Daniel's been trying to build up that 'feeling not good enough' background, and Felix feeling unspecial when Alice and Edward come along - and wanting to tear Edward apart! :-)
Listen to it at Vamp Radio Online.


  1. loved him in the Xmen movies as Colossus.
    Think he's a great addition to the cast and by the sheer size of him he looks about the right size to play Felix. Looks as if he could give Kellan a run for his money. Quite a big boy!;O His own stunts, huh...November can't bring New Moon fast enough for me ;)

  2. he's the XMen hottie...........!!!!!!!!!!


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