May 12, 2009

Dakota Fanning's Got Cool Boots...

Check out those leggings! See more pics of Dakota greeting fans in Vancouver today at Gossip Girls.


  1. shes cute, but someone needs to teach her how to dress. Just cuz she has money and can buy anything, does not mean anything goes together. Alice, please give Jane a lesson in fashion.


  2. Perhaps she comes from a warmer climate and doesn't have a lot of clothes to accommodate the weather in Vancouver. I think she looks fine. Although I must agree on all accounts that the guys of the cast present themselves a little better than the girls. Thrift store chic, though comfy, does not transfer well onto photographs.

  3. She is cute...and all the young girls are dressing awkward the 80's are back. Lol.

  4. she's got her leather jacket now! she's certified to hang with the twilight cast haha

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