May 7, 2009

Dakota is Not a Little Girl Anymore + Victoria & Carlisle are Back in Town

RobPattzNews writes:
It was a rainy day in Vancouver Wednesday. Perfect for the bad vamps to be out! We ran into Dakota Fanning on Robson St. early afternoon. She was with her family. She said she was happy to be in Vancouver. Had the day of from filming. Wished her luck in Italy, and said goodbye. She is gonna rock as Jane!
They also saw Rachelle Lefevre having drinks at a pub, and tweeted that Peter Facinelli is also in town. Hmm...what scenes could they be filming with the Volturi?? Watch RobPattzNews' Slideshow. :-)

So, how long do you think it will be before Dakota starts getting intimidated by all her new Twilight attention? I'm guessing that as big of a movie star as she is, she hasn't had the experience of dealing with such a rabid fan following.


  1. I bet it`s gonna be like a flashback with Peter Facinelli and the Volturi, showing that he ran into them centuries ago....

  2. I think Dakota has been in the business for a while and can handle it in stride. ;)

  3. I agree, I think Peter is going to shoot a scene with the Volturi showing he was with them in the past. As for Rachelle, I'm sure she just has some scenes to finish up, cause you know they have to leave you wanting more for eclipse.

  4. I dont think that Dakota will get too freaked. She's met Kristen and I'm sure they've spoken about it. When the premiere happens I'm sure Dakota will enter a whole new rhelm of reality. Invest in ear plugs my dear.

    I bet Peter was in town because of flash back scenes where Carlisle lived with the Volturi for a time. That would be interesting to see!


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