May 1, 2009

Oldie but Goodie: Daddy's Little Girl


This was taken last fall at the Camp Ronald McDonald 16th Annual Family Halloween Carnival in Universal City, CA.

Source: Contact Music



  2. oh!!!... He is a Obama fan jejejeje


  4. omgee that is so...adorable love the little girls hair

  5. Just when I thought I couldn't heart Peter anymore *sigh* he makes me so smiley! :D

  6. I totally ::heart:: Peter!!

    (and I love the t-shirt)


  7. Ugh, the shirt totally ruins the picture..I will try not to let it taint my view of Peter though!

    It sucks when celebrities show their political views, I wish they could keep it to themselves.

    PS: I love your website TCA! It's my favorite, keep it up :)

  8. Celebrities have just as much a right to show their political views as anyone else. His little girl is ADORABLE!

  9. Soogie- I agree!! They are still people of this country, who just happen to have jobs that put them in the public eye. Very sweet pic!! Girls love their daddy's. I'm 38 and still love mine. Hee Hee.

  10. Would you defend him or criticise him if he was wearing a Bush or McCain shirt, hmmmm???

  11. I agree - - - I <3 Peter and his daughter is precious, but the shirt makes the picture a lot less attractive.

  12. The man on that t-shirt is our President--how does that ruin the photo? Wow.

    Very cute photo of him and his daughter. He seems like such a nice man, great husband, and fantastic father---t-shirt and all.

  13. ok people, dont hate. he has much right to show his political views here. hes very brave for doing so and even if i weren't an obama supporter i would disagree with you. this is a very sweet picture. so dont go ruining the views of a touching picture of a father and his daughter with negativity because of a shirt. come on people! thats just wrong. you have rights too, but i would use it wisely. if he were wearing a shirt with a picture of the devil on it i would hate it but its a good man. if it were a shirt with a picture of mccain i wouldn't draw the attention from the captured moment to show my objection. increase the peace, eliminate the hate.

  14. i meant that its a picture of a good man by the way. obama is good not the devil definitely not him.^

  15. To answer your question, yes id still say the same thing if someone else was on his shirt. I have many friends with different political views, but I dont go around telling them they should be ashamed of themselves. Thats kinda childish in my opinion. So yes once again he has a right wear whatever he wants.

  16. Since when does having others criticize your choice of shirt (or your political beliefs, for that matter) mean that YOUR RIGHTS are being affected?

    It's ridiculous - - people ALWAYS want to jump to 'that' defense.

    Peter has every 'right' to wear that shirt.
    Anyone viewing it has an EQUAL 'RIGHT' to comment about it, including criticize the choice.

    I didn't hear anyone get personal toward Peter about their criticism(s). If they find the picture less attractive b/c of the shirt, that's STILL not a personal attack.

    And I will tell you RIGHT NOW, if Peter were wearing a George Bush shirt, either WHEN 'that man' was our President or now, there would be 1000 times more vicious comments than any that I've read here.

  17. You're right. But since I have yet to see a celeb/anyone wearing a pro Bush shirt then I guess I don't know how i'd react to seeing one. :D And i'm gonna stop talking about this since you, anon, are obviously getting so wound up about it. Politics can be a nasty subject, no point in bringing it up because its a guaranteed argument. This is a Twilight website so im going to stick to twilight comments from now on.

  18. That's probably because it's ridiculous to insult the office of the presidency by reducing it to an icon on a t-shirt.
    Oh, wait, no, that's not it - - it's because if anyone in Hollywood had an independent thought, it would die of loneliness. :)
    What a BORING town.

    I'm sure we all realize that there are multiple 'anon' posters on here . . . but as far as what I'VE posted, it's not 'politics' that winds me up - - it's 'faulty logic.' Alas, they go hand-in-hand way too often.

    When people talk about 'rights' or 'freedom of speech,' they often mistake the consequences or criticisms or backlash that comes from utilizing those freedoms as infringements upon them, which they aren't.
    Those 'freedoms' mean that you can freely express your opinion without fear of punishment or imprisonment from the government. THAT'S IT.

    If others hear/see your statements and don't like them, they have equal freedoms to utilize THEIR rights to counter-offer opinions, etc.

    Buuuut, you're right, this site is about TWILIGHT, so let's just focus on what we all have in COMMON. :)

    Being addicted to TwiCrack!!!!!! :)

  19. Tell that to Miss California. Maybe you should use that spill on her. :)

    I could have done without the Obama crap, but's still sweet but tainted.

  20. Aww what a cute picture!!!

    The problem with celebrities showing their political views is it taints the uninformed which leads to stupid voting. ;)

    I still love him!

  21. you know what i dont care. pretend hes got a white shirt on then if your gonna get so effing defensive. oh so now someone can say they fricken hate white. go ahead. no more. everyone can just shut up. only comment on how cute they are. dont even think about going on and on after this comment about the shirt to be a stubborn jackass because no one cares anymore. ITS JUST A SHIRT. please excuse my french. and *hint* to who dare this be: increase the peace, eliminate the hate. TWILIGHT ROCKS! much x3 btw...i dont hate i dont discriminate, i just speak my mind and so did miss california to you people ^ who are so off the subject. edward would not have told bella to change her shirt if it said F*CK YOU! on it. BYE!


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